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About S.K Munt

Samantha has been an avid reader since the age of six, and keeps herself busy with numerous activities that don’t always go hand in hand. You’re as likely to find her with a fishing rod as you will pom poms, out on the town dressed to the nines hosting karaoke, or building a fort under the dining table with her kids. She can’t stick to one genre within her life or reading selections and as a result she colours outside the lines in her writing as well. Expect books packed with action and drama, influenced as much as Buffy The Vampire Slayer as Gone With The Wind, and never think you know what’s coming next because if there’s anything she lives doing in life, it’s taking people by surprise.


  • Victoria says:

    Hi Samantha, I talked to you via pinterest, not too long ago, and told you how much I enjoyed your book trailer for “Urchin”. I said that I just wished you could make a movie of your books and you asked me if I had read any, which I had not, but that I intended to download Urchin. The result of that download was amazing for me, I don’t know you but am so happy that this is your passion and your calling as it should be. The book was wonderful and pulled me in…in all of the right places. I just loved it. I was so upset about her children and the King and her friend, and wondered how you could let it turn out like that, and still…no sign of the mermaid and then all at once you brought everything together so brilliantly!!!!! I so hope and pray that someday I will attend one (all) of your many movie screen successes! So, Thank you very much, and I look forward to April. also, I noticed that you pinned some of my paintings, and wanted to tell you that I will post a new one in a couple of weeks on my “Ocean Secrets by Victoria” pinterest board. She was going to have dark hair but not so sure now. Lol. Victoria Maine or Victoria M.

  • mix says:

    Is it going to be avalaible on smashwords as well?

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