Unchained Melody Excerpt FREE today for Kindle!

Unchained Melody Excerpt FREE today for Kindle!

Excerpt from Unchained Melody free today!

‘No. If we’d left you alone, that would be bailing.’
Hunter saw Callie’s shadow shrug. ‘I’m glad you rang though. I feel asleep in my clothes- that would have felt gross in the morning.’
‘Why did you leave?’ He asked, waiting expectantly at the window for her to turn around and open her blinds. More often than not, they looked at each other across their yards when they spoke on the phone. But Callie didn’t come to her window. Instead, he saw one of her hands move to her hip. The lighting in her room was low and had a purplish glow, which meant that only the lavender butterfly string lights which dangled over her dresser and bookshelf were on. Her hand began to ruck up her dress, and Hunter inhaled sharply and looked down at the flickering candles beneath him. Jesus! She had to be half-asleep not to turn and check her window before taking her clothes off!
‘We walked Marnie home and then Ryan walked me back here. What time is it anyway?’
‘Almost midnight.’ Hunter dared another glance up at the window, and then immediately wished he hadn’t, because her silhouette was glorious. And the way she was wriggling her hips to get her panties down reminded him of the way she had danced earlier that night to the hip-hop tracks and suddenly, he felt parched. He knew he should look away but he also knew he’d pour hot wax over his hand before he shut his blinds on the spectacle that was his best friend unwittingly doing a strip-tease for him.
It’s not wrong. It’s not like I can actually see her skin or anything, he told himself, even as he moved to the window for a closer look and prayed that she’d accidentally open her blinds as much as he prayed that she wouldn’t.
‘Wow, twelve?’ Callie’s voice lowered. ‘How long were you making out for?’
Hunter swallowed. Damn her and that voice! ‘Um, a couple of hours I guess.’
Callie laughed a low, throaty sound. ‘How many bases did you get around?’
‘Just the first.’ He sighed. As much fun as kissing had been, Meredith had kept him in a state of hyper-erection-awareness and lust for far too long. ‘Again and again…’
Callie clucked her tongue. ‘Poor Hunter. You must be feeling very frustrated right now.’ Hunter watched her reach behind her with one hand, unclasping her bra. She caved in her shoulders and the flimsy, lacy garment slid down her arms tauntingly-slowly. She tossed it, and the shadows of her breasts jostled from the movement. The effect that movement had on Hunter was instantaneous. He actually groaned and reached down to adjust himself where his jeans had become too tight. ‘That bad huh?’ Callie teased.
‘Huh? What?’ Hunter realised that he’d actually made that sound out loud just as Callie’s silhouette turned his way. He dropped to the carpet of his room like he was being shot at, silently mouthing: ‘Shit! Shit! Shit!’ Over and over again. His heart was going to fracture the floorboards beneath the underlay if it pounded any harder!
‘Eek!’ A squeak sounded down Callie’s end of the line. ‘Oh! Oh you’re not at your window- thank goodness!’ She giggled and he heard her breath pant as she moved quickly, most likely out of sight. ‘I left my curtains open while I changed! That could have been shame!’ He heard a self-conscious giggle and then the swish of her curtains sliding across their tracks. ‘Are you still there? What was that thud?’
‘I took off my shoes- I’m lying in bed.’ Actually, I’m just lying. He thought, supporting his head which felt twice as heavy as usual with his lecherous thoughts.

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Samantha has been an avid reader since the age of six, and keeps herself busy with numerous activities that don’t always go hand in hand. You’re as likely to find her with a fishing rod as you will pom poms, out on the town dressed to the nines hosting karaoke, or building a fort under the dining table with her kids. She can’t stick to one genre within her life or reading selections and as a result she colours outside the lines in her writing as well. Expect books packed with action and drama, influenced as much as Buffy The Vampire Slayer as Gone With The Wind, and never think you know what’s coming next because if there’s anything she lives doing in life, it’s taking people by surprise.

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