Unchained Melody Excerpt FREE today for Kindle!

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Unchained Melody Excerpt FREE today for Kindle!

Excerpt from Unchained Melody free today!

‘No. If we’d left you alone, that would be bailing.’
Hunter saw Callie’s shadow shrug. ‘I’m glad you rang though. I feel asleep in my clothes- that would have felt gross in the morning.’
‘Why did you leave?’ He asked, waiting expectantly at the window for her to turn around and open her blinds. More often than not, they looked at each other across their yards when they spoke on the phone. But Callie didn’t come to her window. Instead, he saw one of her hands move to her hip. The lighting in her room was low and had a purplish glow, which meant that only the lavender butterfly string lights which dangled over her dresser and bookshelf were on. Her hand began to ruck up her dress, and Hunter inhaled sharply and looked down at the flickering candles beneath him. Jesus! She had to be half-asleep not to turn and check her window before taking her clothes off!
‘We walked Marnie home and then Ryan walked me back here. What time is it anyway?’
‘Almost midnight.’ Hunter dared another glance up at the window, and then immediately wished he hadn’t, because her silhouette was glorious. And the way she was wriggling her hips to get her panties down reminded him of the way she had danced earlier that night to the hip-hop tracks and suddenly, he felt parched. He knew he should look away but he also knew he’d pour hot wax over his hand before he shut his blinds on the spectacle that was his best friend unwittingly doing a strip-tease for him.
It’s not wrong. It’s not like I can actually see her skin or anything, he told himself, even as he moved to the window for a closer look and prayed that she’d accidentally open her blinds as much as he prayed that she wouldn’t.
‘Wow, twelve?’ Callie’s voice lowered. ‘How long were you making out for?’
Hunter swallowed. Damn her and that voice! ‘Um, a couple of hours I guess.’
Callie laughed a low, throaty sound. ‘How many bases did you get around?’
‘Just the first.’ He sighed. As much fun as kissing had been, Meredith had kept him in a state of hyper-erection-awareness and lust for far too long. ‘Again and again…’
Callie clucked her tongue. ‘Poor Hunter. You must be feeling very frustrated right now.’ Hunter watched her reach behind her with one hand, unclasping her bra. She caved in her shoulders and the flimsy, lacy garment slid down her arms tauntingly-slowly. She tossed it, and the shadows of her breasts jostled from the movement. The effect that movement had on Hunter was instantaneous. He actually groaned and reached down to adjust himself where his jeans had become too tight. ‘That bad huh?’ Callie teased.
‘Huh? What?’ Hunter realised that he’d actually made that sound out loud just as Callie’s silhouette turned his way. He dropped to the carpet of his room like he was being shot at, silently mouthing: ‘Shit! Shit! Shit!’ Over and over again. His heart was going to fracture the floorboards beneath the underlay if it pounded any harder!
‘Eek!’ A squeak sounded down Callie’s end of the line. ‘Oh! Oh you’re not at your window- thank goodness!’ She giggled and he heard her breath pant as she moved quickly, most likely out of sight. ‘I left my curtains open while I changed! That could have been shame!’ He heard a self-conscious giggle and then the swish of her curtains sliding across their tracks. ‘Are you still there? What was that thud?’
‘I took off my shoes- I’m lying in bed.’ Actually, I’m just lying. He thought, supporting his head which felt twice as heavy as usual with his lecherous thoughts.

Free Today on Kindle!

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Free Today on Kindle!

*Warning Unchained Melody contains Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N Roll*

From girl, to woman, to goddess….

January 1991

The new girl in town takes a chance, saves a life, and wins herself two best friends, a Red Sox hat and possibly, a band.

October 1998

Ryan and Hunter don’t know how to handle themselves when their so called ‘Tomboy’ best friend begins to blossom into a goddess. So they handle it badly and suddenly, the Red Sox hat is on the ground and Callie had vanished naked into the eye of Cyclone Addison leaving them short for their first big gig and broken-hearted.

June 2004

Hunter and Ryan have finally recovered from the trauma of Callie’s disappearance and are ready to take their music careers to the big-time when Callie returns. No longer the girl next door, but a banished goddess with a mission; to break the heart of one of the men who still love her, using the other, or die.

Set to an incredible playlist with heart-stopping twists and turns, Unchained Melody is a coming of age story that starts with innocence and ends in wicked desire, with a paranormal twist unlike no other that will have you singing, laughing, crying and hot under the collar!

Excerpt from Unchained Melody

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Excerpt from Unchained Melody

Excerpt from Unchained Melody…..

‘Anyway, I was going to drive you up to the gorge, grab a blanket and one of the acoustics from the back and lead you up the mountain.’
‘It’s a good thing I wore comfortable shoes then…’ Callie joked.
‘As I knew you would. But I was still imagining the Docs.’ He kicked her Volley’s under the table. ‘So while we were walking up, I was going to you know… inch closer,’ his fingers glided back down on the inside of her wrist and traced her heart line on her palm. ‘And closer… and when you stumbled- which you would of course because it’s pitch black up there and hard to navigate- I was going to catch your hand, and then not let it go. You know, like I didn’t even notice I was holding it…’
Callie blushed as she imagined him doing that, the unspoken tension he was creating there and then by slightly stroking the webbing between her fingers, making her wish he’d lace his fingers between hers. ‘Yep these are definitely the moves planned by a seventeen year old,’ she said, a little breathily.
‘I know right?’ Ryan winked and pulled his chair closer to hers, leaning his head towards her like what he had to say was of vital importance and secrecy. He removed his hand from hers and used it to prop his jaw up while his other stretched across the back of her chair, surrounding her but not quite touching her. It was agony.
‘Okay so we’d get up the mountain and I was going to take you up to the main jumping rock.’ His eyes stroked her neck, then met her eyes. ‘Remember the one I used to play guitar on?’
Callie nodded, remembering the first time she had seen Ryan up there and thought of him as: the cute one. ‘Blue board shorts,’ she whispered, her face growing hot.
‘That’s… that’s right!’ Ryan grinned again and nudged his shoulder against hers. ‘Good memory.’
‘One of my favourites.’ Their low voices formed a sort of mist around them. ‘Go on.’
He grinned at her and suddenly, his lips and teeth were the most fascinating thing in the world. ‘Once I got you up there, I was going to lay the blanket down, pull you into my lap, and ask you to play and sing for me.’ Ryan’s knee brushed against hers now but she was already too hypnotized by his sensual mouth and the way he had started lightly running his fingers down her hair to have enough lung space left to gasp in reaction. ‘And if you were too shy, I’d beg.’ His voice was almost toneless, breathy and warm against her jaw. ‘I was going to reach around you and pluck out a few chords but really it would have just been an excuse to get my arms around you… you know?’
‘Of course.’ Callie closed her eyes briefly, luxuriating in Ryan’s nearness, his barely there touches driving her out of her mind.
‘Right. And then, I was going to use the tip of my nose to part your hair until it parted over your neck…’ Ryan turned his face into the arch of her neck as he pulled her hair away from her pulse. ‘And then I was going to kiss you right there, on your nape,’ his thumb rolled over her topmost vertebrae, ‘and tell you to keep playing no matter what.’ Callie’s eyes fluttered shut as Ryan’s lips glanced off the sensitive flesh just at the curve of her jaw. ‘And while you sang like the angel you are, I was going to keep kissing down your spine…’ One of his fingers made her skin shiver as his free hand ran along the low scooped back of her black halter top. ‘The kisses would have gotten a bit wet, and a bit messy and I hoped, you’d start to find it hard to concentrate on your song…’
‘Oh?’ Callie’s stomach clenched and she felt herself grow damp and more lucid, not even trying to disguise her moan as Ryan’s hand cupped her knee and slid slowly up her thigh.
‘Yeah. If you started to fade, but stayed in my arms, reacting to my touch, I was going to slip my fingers over your thigh, pull back the edge of your panties right…’ his hand slipped under the hem of her black leather mini-skirt and then fingertips were tracing the crease between her lace panties and her inner thigh and Callie felt everything inside her tighten. She bowed her head towards his, aware that there were at least five other couples in the dim restaurant, and that Doris Day’s Perhaps was being filtered too softly through the built in speakers in the ceiling to disguise much of any sound she made, maybe even her breathing, which was becoming erratic- but she did not care. ‘Here…’ Ryan whispered.

Cover Reveal Unchained Melody S.K Munt

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Cover Reveal Unchained Melody S.K Munt

It’s not easy being an adopted, astraphobic ballet dancer from Canada, trying to make friends in a new country, but when eight year old Callie Clay saved the boy at the gorge on her first day in Horizon, she scored two best friends, a red baseball cap, and a reputation for being a risk-taking weirdo.
Eight years later, Hunter and Ryan had been given pamphlets on what to do when they started noticing girls, but nothing could have prepared them for the changes that came over their tomboy friend and so they handled it as hormonal teenage boys do; badly. One moment, they were a band on the precipice of their first big gig and the next, Callie is having a nervous breakdown and running naked into the eye of Cyclone Addison.
When Callie returns, she’s no longer the girl next door but a goddess with one purpose; To shatter one of the hearts of the men she’s forbidden to love, by using the other- for the sake of The Harmony, and to save her own ass.
Go back to when the music defined lives, the butterflies of first love consumed every thought and brace yourself for a ride to Oblivion and back! Passion, anguish, sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll… Unchained Melody is an epic Paranormal Romance served with a pair of Doc Martens and a trip down Melody lane!

Excerpt From The Marked Ones

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Excerpt from The marked Ones

Ivyanne’s footstep halted as the memory of Lincoln’s hands running up her thigh damn near knocked the wind over her. No man had touched her before or since. She paused and looked back the way she had come, breathing heavily, her mind clouding.

Could I? She thought, biting her lower lip and fiddling with her long damp hair. She could go back, he was probably still there. She could lure him into the darkness, offering sympathetic hugs, kissing his tears away…and tomorrow it could be that taboo thing they shouldn’t have down and would never have to speak of. It’s not the full moon yet, I should be safe…no one has to know….

Her good conscience beseeched her to run to the ocean before she ruined her life. She’d been saving herself for decades-to fall prey to a moment of weakness now would be stupid. Regardless of how alluring the idea was, of finishing what she’d started with Link twelve years before. She owed her people more than she owed him. And she always would.

‘Excuse me miss.’ A young mans’ voice called softly. ‘I was wondering if you could tell me where room forty six is?’

Ivyanne looked up, caught off guard. The voice, affected with a soft American accent, had come from a manly silhouette under her porch light. How had he ended up in the staff quarters?

‘You need to head back to the pool, sir, then follow the path to the right,’ Ivyanne had to force the cheerful tone of voice, even though her voice still wobbled tellingly. ‘There are signs indicating which bungalows are down which path-’ Ivyanne’s voice died in her throat when she stepped under the light, and saw the face of the man who had addressed her. 

Tristan?!’Her temper flared instantly as his perfectly sculpted face came into focus. Suddenly she was assailed by more memories, which were both vague and thrilling at the same time. Did he even remember

No, she thought. Of course not. I was a child then! The memory blew out of her mind like a piece of paper in the wind and suddenly, all she could see was the typeset of his smug e-mails grandly offering to marry her for the good of the kingdom. ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing here?!’

Tristan grinned at her, his white teeth almost blindingly bright. ‘Taking a holiday…..’ he drawled, hitching his single bag onto his shoulder, looking like a casually posed model from a high-fashion campaign. ‘I came this way a few years ago-beautiful spot.’

Ivyanne put her hands on her hips. ‘You know that you’re not supposed to be here!’

Tristan nodded. ‘I know. But I’m spontaneous-if we’re going to be married, you should know that about me.’ He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

Ivyanne couldn’t believe it-first Ardhi, now Tristan. Didn’t anybody respect her wishes at all? Couldn’t they see that they were driving her out of her mind? ‘We are not going to be married.’ She snapped, walking more purposefully towards the door, intending to breeze right by him.

Tristan pouted. ‘So you’ve made your decision already?’

That halted her tracks! ‘No! But-’ Her senses responded to his scent, a mix of tangy salt air and something else, something floral but masculine. The aroma filled her nose and chest, dizzying her. Oh wow. She thought, blinking. She didn’t spend much time with men. Neither her father or Ardhi wore cologne, and Lincoln had always been too young for such a thing. The sudden desire to inhale more deeply now, troubled her. And how could a grown man look so adorable when pouting like a child?

‘Well don’t say things you’re not certain of. Words can hurt, you know.’ His cocky slid back into place, a light dimple appearing in his cheek. 

Ivyanne swallowed, scratching at her arm, where the chlorine had irritated her skin. Like all mers, hers was the kind of skin that could weather almost any element-sun, salt, cold and heat. But man-made chemicals reacted badly with a lot of them-chlorine being the worst offender.

But her agitation wasn’t just from the treated water-it was an accumulation of everything. Ivyanne was finding it difficult to even think straight. Especially with him smiling at her in that way, his eyes raking over her like she was a prized thoroughbred he might consider investing in. The same way she wanted to study him. She tried to breathe through her mouth as she was assessed by his light, golden brown eyes.

 ‘Whatever. Look I’m having a bad day and acting a little irrational, so if you leave now, I won’t make a scene.’

He smirked at her. ‘Sorry Ivyanne, but you can’t make me leave. I’m a paying customer, and you have to be nice to me,’ he stepped into her body, his toffee colored eyes dancing with glee. The closer he drew, the more apparent his beauty became. There wasn’t a visible pore on his golden skin, and the lines of his lips, masculine jaw and perfect nose were so flawless in their symmetry that he was more illustration than human to the eye. ‘And I know it’s been a few years, but I must say…great job growing up, princess.’ 

Ivyanne’s lungs constricted somewhat. He was so close that his body heat was warming her skin. She ran her fingers through her wet hair in a nervous gesture. ‘Well you look exactly the same.’ She said quietly. ‘Like a snake in the grass.’

Tristan chuckled lightly. He reached up and coaxed her fingers out of her wet mane. His touch sent jolt through her own fingertips. ‘And you look like a snake charmer if I ever saw one. Breathtaking.’

The Marked Ones Synopsis

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Mermaids have three purposes in life; To breed, to protect their environment and to keep the knowledge of their existence limited to pages in fairytale books.
Ivyanne Court is the personification of a mermaid princess-Breathtaking, pure, kind, sharp and strong, she is the envy of everyone she has ever met, human and mer alike. And yet she hasn’t known a day’s happiness since she came of age and was forced to abandon the human boy she loved, Lincoln Grey. 
Ivyanne has always known that she was to marry one of ‘The Marked Ones’ sons of a carefully cultivated bloodline created for the sole purpose of breeding with the royal family, and she had resigned herself to it. But now two betrothals have been severed in cruel twists of fate, leaving her untouched and lonely at twenty-eight, while being frozen both physically and emotionally, as a sixteen year old girl.
When her parents declare that she can choose her next match, Ivyanne is overwhelmed by the weight of her decision, specifically because her best friend Ardhi, has put himself, and his heart, forward in an unprecedented declaration that cracks the foundation beneath her. Ivyanne begs permission to return to the Seaview Resort while she weighs her options, to live and work as a human, and gain some peace. 
But when she arrives, she is startled to learn that Lincoln has never left the Seaview. He is now the owner, and he has been waiting a decade for her return. The moment their eyes lock, Ivyanne knows that their chemistry hasn’t faded any more than her memories, and though she tries to push him away, the siren inside her draws him closer. 
But Ivyanne’s belief that her life couldn’t get any more complicated dissolves when Tristan Loveridge, the most arrogant and desired specimen of merman within the kingdom, arrives at the queens bidding, to lure the princess into a swift marriage. And Tristan Loveridge has never failed at anything. Only this time, he gets caught in his own magnificent net, because he has finally met a girl who’s raw sexuality and brilliance, eclipses his own.
And as Ivyanne is torn between what her heart wants, and what her body and kingdom demand, her best friend Ardhi is lurking in the shadows, growing angrier with each passing minute, and vowing to do whatever it takes to win the crown-with catastrophic consequences for all.

"She had me hook, line & sinker - S.K Munt writes absolute must-reads" See all books by S.K Munt