Review : Scarlet The Lunar Chronicles #2

13206760Stick with it… it gets awesome

It took me a long time to finish this book. I can’t lie- the first 3/4 of it were really difficult to get into. I can’t say it’s all because of the plot because I have been flat-out busy but I devoured the first so quickly that I was hoping to feel the same about the second instalment.

As a writer I know that I have a habit of focusing on establish plot rather than just hitting people over the head with no-stop excitement from the green flag so I totally get why the first part of this book is paced the way it is and I can sense that the last book is going to be absolutely thrilling. And it’s not like one big non-event or anything like that it just swerves off from Cinder’s story to establish Scarlet’s and so my impatience too read about Kai etc was a hinderance.

I loved the characters in this. Wolf, Thorne, Scarlet- they’re all very cool. Thorne especially. And there are some lovely butterfly-inducing moments and I really love reading Kai’s division between what he feels for Cinder and what the kingdom assumes about her. And towards the end it’s just action action action! Which I love! She writes action the way I love to read it so double thumbs-up there! And the very VERY best part of this book (for me) was a plot twist which i did NOT see coming and I can sniff out a plot twist like Jacob can sniff out Bella’s panties so I applaud Miss Meyer for that!


That was actually the turning point in the book for me- it made me sit up and go : ‘Yes!’ even though it wasn’t actually a good thing for the character at the time I just love being surprised!

I really wish this was on audio so my hubby could read it because he would love it!So far the Lunar Chronicles are the perfect mix of tradition and creativity. Cannot wait to read Cress!

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