She swam against the current
and became a legend.

In a time when women were considered possessions, a girl was born with the conviction that she belonged only to herself-a conviction that would cost her everything she valued in the name of progress, but elevated her to a status unequalled by any man before then or since; Guardian of the ocean, and mistress of the moon. 

A coming of age story beginning in 1044 B.C and spanning centuries- See how fifteen year old Anna L’Autienne, a french peasant and apprentice apothecary, took the vulnerabilities plaguing the women of her time and wielded them as weapons against everyone who tried to possess or suppress her. 

The untold story behind the mermaid myth and the origin of feminine wiles are one and the same, born in the name of vengeance but kept alive in the spirit of love and concealed under the surface of the ocean to this very day.

Nothing was the same after the first siren sang.


Prequel to The Fairytail Saga

By S.K Munt

"A great book by a very promising author. The character are relatable, intriguing and well developed. Story line is fantastic, fast paced and has a uniqueness that draws you to the next page over and over again. A great balance of action, sex and drama. Impatiently waiting on book two."

− alt1983

"Once I started reading this book I wasn't able to stop. The story line and characters had me captivated and wanting more. I loved the fact that this book was set in Australia and captured the Aussie way of life. I loved the way the writing was vivid enough to have me picturing exactly what was written. The author has a knack for painting a picture with words that allows your imagination to take you into the story. This is a must read!"

− Haylz982

"Speechless on what to say about such an enjoyable book to read. Absolute credit to the author of this book. Each chapter flows from page to page to understand the adventure. Well done!"

− Sarah

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