*Warning: ‘Unchained Melody’ contains Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘N Roll*

From girl, to woman, to goddess…. 

January 1991

The new girl in town takes a chance, saves a life, and wins herself two best friends, a Red Sox hat and possibly, a band.

October 1998

Ryan and Hunter don’t know how to handle themselves when their so called ‘Tomboy’ best friend begins to blossom into a goddess. So they handle it badly and suddenly, the Red Sox hat is on the ground and Callie had vanished naked into the eye of Cyclone Addison leaving them short for their first big gig and broken-hearted.

June 2004

Hunter and Ryan have finally recovered from the trauma of Callie’s disappearance and are ready to take their music careers to the big-time when Callie returns. No longer the girl next door, but a banished goddess with a mission; to break the heart of one of the men who still love her, using the other, or die.

Set to an incredible playlist with heart-stopping twists and turns, Unchained Melody is a coming of age story that starts with innocence and ends in wicked desire, with a paranormal twist unlike no other that will have you singing, laughing, crying and hot under the collar!

If their serenade makes her heart skip a beat, it will be her last.

Unchained Melody

Rated ‘R’

By S.K Munt

"This is one of those books that starts off in one place and takes an epic journey that ends up someplace awesome. This is a book you need to read."

− Brad Gordon

"This book was awesome. Never a dull moment. Adventure romance, action, thrills of not knowing what will happen or does happen to Callie :)! Would love to see this made into a movie!"

− Steve Milburn

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