Can their species survive the tidal wave of their own creation?

For over one thousand years the matriarchs of the Court family have been zealously working to ensure that the myth of the Mermaid remains exactly that: a myth. But their task has not been a small one, and sacrifices have been made in the process; men have fallen, lives have been taken and hearts have been broken beyond repair. The Mers of Seaview think that they have experienced firsthand what a broken-hearted and powerful Merman is capable of doing in the name of vengeance- but they don’t know the half of it. Now, stirred up by Ardhi’s quest for vengeance, their greatest, oldest and most powerful enemy is ready to rip the ocean floor out from under everyone’s feet and make his wrath known after one thousand years of waiting for the opportune moment to strike. 

Ivyanne has always suspected that she was cursed, but she didn’t know that the curse was their creator’s doing. And now that she’s uncovered the staggering link between Anna L’Autienne’s darkest secret, and every single tragedy that has befallen her and the people she has cared about over the years, she knows that she has to put a stop to the vicious cycle before she loses everything. 

But Ivyanne cannot do it alone- she needs help, and she needs the help of the one person she has no right to ask anything of. But will he rise above his broken heart to become their champion when he learns just how his family has already lost to the sea in the name of the Court family? Or is he as damaged by the Siren song as their greatest foe? 

Ivyanne has had her happy ending- but whether it is her Happily Ever After remains to be seen.

Be seduced.

Stained Glass

Part Four of The Fairytail Saga

By S.K Munt

"This was such a great series. I can't say enough good things about it, and this book, Stained Glass, did not disappoint. The story is magnificent and the characters are wonderful. "

− NicePuppy

"Once again this book was great and had me captured entirely! So many emotions and curve balls I was getting dizzy (in a good way). Wish it didn't have to end but am very grateful for such and amazing read!"

− Courty_90

"I didnt know mermaids could be so beautiful and realistic. Thank you to a brilliant author and beautiful person for opening my eyes to that fact. I cant say I will run out and buy a bunch of mermaid books from now on, but I can say I will read whatever this author writes."

− Lisa Jane

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