Fate is tired of being spoken for…

Hope has left the mermaid kingdom, and fear taken it’s place. Ivyanne is the most valuable resource the mermaid kingdom has left, and for every second that Ardhi exists and remains concealed, her life is in peril. As a result, Ivyanne now finds herself barricaded within the most gilded of cages in her usual town of residence, Airlie Beach, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef where she passes time learning her new responsibilities, mourning her personal losses and trying to ignore the one subject everyone wants her to focus on-selecting the future king once and for all. But try as she might to forget what her heart knows it cannot, as the moon draws the waves to the shore, so the siren will draw men to the rocks.

And they’re through being patient. 
In a strange new fortress built for the sole purpose of protecting someone important, Ivyanne is being watched twenty four hours a day by the only merman she can trust herself to be in close quarters with-Garridan Loveridge, Tristan’s uncle and professional bodyguard.

But Garridan knows that against the threat of a madman who can bend the weather to his will, one protector is not enough, and so he assembles a guard to keep Ivyanne safe. 

And so they come-the strongest of all mers, Marked and free, man and woman-dangerous and lethal-all questing for the chance to take out the threat, and claim the knighthood offered as reward. Ivyanne’s home gradually overflows with love, frustration and fear, and as the full moon draws nearer, the withdrawals hit the sirens hard and chaos ensues. Ivyanne will see that the system isn’t working anymore-something has to change-starting with her.

And not too far away, the hunter waits still, corrupted by power, inspired by an ancient evil and determined to link his name with the royal bloodline any way he can. All he needs for that to happen is the full moon, and an overpowered queen. 

Heads Or Tails thrusts you into the lap of luxury and chaos. Tempers boil, temptations get out of hand, hearts will race and dreams will be shattered in a bloody battle for the ultimate prizes-Ivyanne’s heart and the King’s crown.
The mers are about to learn a valuable lesson-that fate can surprise you as much as you can surprise yourself and that nothing in life is guaranteed.

Be seduced.

Heads or Tails

Part Three of The Fairytail Saga

By S.K Munt

"I felt like I was personally invested in this story. I could feel the anger, the hurt, the love, the danger."

− NicePuppy

"The conclusion was epic, filling all the blanks I wanted it too and swelling my heart with love. What a rollercoaster these books have been! What a journey!! well done S.K Munt, your elegant use of words is admirable."

− Jillian

"What a page turner! Love love loved it! Twists and turns everywhere. Can't wait for more from this writer :)"

− debread

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