S.K Munt has been writing since she was six, though she admits that it probably wasn’t her best work. For years she vowed to read as much as she could, and live as much as possible, before attempting to get one of her works published. She gave herself until her thirtieth birthday to soak up the vitality that is life, before trying to capture it with a keyboard.

In that time, Samantha has been a waitress, a promotions manager for a pub, a cheerleader flyer and assistant coach, a musical theatre performer, a medical centre practice manager and a stay at home mother to three beautiful girls. She also enjoys surfing, roller-skating and hopes to join a roller-derby league one day, and helps her husband run a small business while moonlighting as a karaoke hostess. In her non existent spare time, she can be found behind a book-any book, any genre, or on facebook ‘liking’ pretty / funny things.

But writing is the thing she needs to do.

The Fairytail Saga is the first work Samantha has ever produced that didn’t make herself want to light herself on fire after re-reading it months later. In fact, The Marked Ones, Three Rings and Heads Or Tails were written within six months of each other and re-edited for a year before she decided to self publish. 

‘I wanted to write the book I wanted to read,’ says Samantha Munt. ‘I want the perfect fantasy offered by YA and Fairytales, the action, suspense and drama of any thriller, the emotion of the greatest romances, the purity of true love, and the heat and temptation of the sultriest kind. What better vessel to carry these complex and conflicting emotions to readers-than mermaids?’

Samantha intends on writing many more books, and will never restrict herself to one genre. ‘I don’t read only one genre, so why limit myself to writing one when there are so many stories to be told?’

What people are saying about
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"A great book by a very promising author. The character are relatable, intriguing and well developed. Story line is fantastic, fast paced and has a uniqueness that draws you to the next page over and over again. A great balance of action, sex and drama. Impatiently waiting on book two."

− alt1983

"Once I started reading this book I wasn't able to stop. The story line and characters had me captivated and wanting more. I loved the fact that this book was set in Australia and captured the Aussie way of life. I loved the way the writing was vivid enough to have me picturing exactly what was written. The author has a knack for painting a picture with words that allows your imagination to take you into the story. This is a must read!"

− Haylz982

"Speechless on what to say about such an enjoyable book to read. Absolute credit to the author of this book. Each chapter flows from page to page to understand the adventure. Well done!"

− Sarah

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