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Clever 8 Year old

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Sometimes Annabelle can just dazzle me with a moment of brilliantness. We’re sitting there watching Romeo and Juliet and she’s been watching the whole time, though she asked me to translate a lot. At the end, I’m crying, and I hear this:
‘Seriously mum?’
Look over and my usual sookie-la-la is giving me a look of utter disdain. I sniffled and said. ‘It’s a tragic love story! All of Shakespeare’s books are.’
She just shrugged, completely neutral to the bullet hole in Claire Dane’s head and said : ‘Are all of his stories like that?’
I nodded. So she rolls her eyes and says. ‘Well you know what? If they spoke plain English they wouldn’t have gotten confused and then had to shoot themselves.’ Gets up and walks off shaking her head and saying. ‘Besides they knew each other for two minutes and get married? It’s not sad. It’s stupid.’
From the mouths of babes!
Fair Point, well made Miss Munt!

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